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We’ve just been informed that our meeting site/facility is under contract to be sold. We are scrambling now to find a place. Would you pray that our “scramble” takes on a more manly response, as in  an orderly, prayerful search?

We are so grateful to see how the Lord has given many of our people an evangelistic responsibility for their neighbors, who are for the most part, unchurched. Book clubs, bar-b-ques, and driveway tail gate parties are springing up. One of those driveway parties is tomorrow in fact, celebrating the birthday of one of our regulars with her entire neighborhood–all unchurched. Her name is Sally and she has just been diagnosed with a very rapid growing cancer. She’s known for a great love for the Lord and her neighbors.
Another couple Dirk and Shirley have two book clubs in their home–one night is a Men’s Book Club, and on another night there’s a Women’s Book Club. The membership is all unchurched, and they are extremely loyal to their groups.
Praise the Lord with us as we continue to thank Him for our Sunrise Resurrection service on the beach, at the 801 Ocean facility on Oak Island. All in all probably 75 unchurched were there with us. Early that morning around five, I was down at the beach setting up with a couple of our guys, making a big bond fire, and planting a large cross fashioned for the occasion. We could not find the cross any where. So we had the service without the cross, much to my befuddlement.  I like to point at a cross while preaching on the cross. One of our entrepreneurs fashioned a cross out of the big pieces of the firewood, and it sufficed.
After the service and during the meet and greet going on with coffee and danish, a couple came up to me and said, “We know where your cross is.”
And here’s their story: “On Saturday two little boys about 8 and 9, were seen carrying this huge cross up our street. We heard one of them say to the other, ‘Well, He carried the cross for us, and so we can carry the cross for Him.’ ” it seemed  mystery to the couple, as well.
I did not know what to say then, but just as i began asking them about themselves, a man came up to me and pointed out a man by the fire, and said, “That’s the father of the two boys who stole our cross.”
Well, it turns out that the two boys have a grandfather who is dying in his home with hospice care, and the boys thought the cross would do him a world of good up there at the house. To make a long story short, we have engaged in a little ministry with that household since that Easter morning. The elderly gentleman loves that cross–he can see it out his bedroom window. And that cross is serving a much better purpose than I had planned!
I do want to thank folks for praying with us. I have buried my Mama since the last prayer note went out, for which we thank the Lord. We know where she is! Halelujah!

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