pastor’s journal 05-10-15

Hi, Church!
Happy Mom’s Day to all the moms!
I trust all our people are well–and no damage was sustained in this first of-the-season tropical storm. I felt awfully wimpy calling off church–all our five leaders were supportive of the call. And it’s till going to be gusting and raining til this afternoon. As I called around I’m giving thanks that no one is hurt or has any report of too much damage to their property. I was kinda holding my breath about the Burkhart’s farm, though.
If you saw the State Port Pilot on Thursday you may have noted that I was to preach on this mother’s day, a sermon entitled, “Sympathy for Jezebel.” Please, I know that would make for an awkward moment or two. But I need to explain a couple of things:
1)  I am not in favor of Jezebel, especially the one who was wife of King Ahab.
2)  I am not trying to emulate the Rolling Stones song, “Sympathy for the Devil.”
3)  I am not suggesting that Jezebel be commended, or in any way be the model for young women any where–not even Brunswick County.
4)  I am certainly not trying to make her a model for Moms on this Mother’s Day or any other day, for that matter.
5)  And, last but not least, I haven’t lost my mind—at least not yet!
What was i trying to do? Well, you know that I was testing to see if anybody reads the Pilot sermon lists. And, I am giving some background on the sermon series I am beginning on two prophets Elijah and Elisha, who were God’s voice calling the nation of israel back to trusting in the Lord. It’s not a bad idea for our study in this day and age, is it? But if you will find the time this week, read IKings, starting in chapter 12 to get some back ground for our sermon series, as we see how powerfully Jezebel features in that dark history in luring God’s people from the Faith. She doesn’t just seduce the people of God, she yanks them around, and hard! And look for Christ in those passages–we cannot leave Him out of our study of the Old Testament–ever!
May He keep on blessing us all, to be His blessing to a whole lot of folks who live down in this part of Brunswick County.


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