Our History

Our History | Christ Coastal Church

What are we? Christ Coastal is a congregation where folks from all sorts of church and non-church backgrounds are welcome, and who can connect comfortably under the Bible with the power of the Spirit.

Believing and following the Risen Lord Jesus, we are learning to live “out of the box.” Since we’ve all been in both the religious and non-religious camps, we’ve come to realize that for too long we’ve been avoiding the living GOD. Religion is a way of hiding from Him, and irreligion is a way of running from Him. It is an enormous relief to quit trying to be one’s own savior.

We hope to apply that wonderful good news of the Gospel throughout all we do, whether at home, at work, or at play. Our folks have been there: confused, and even exhausted with trying to figure out the religion game, and often running from everything religious. And the good news for folks is that the real “Seeker” is the one who created us. Instead of turning His back in disgust on the whole mess we’d made, He came and rescued us in the person of His Son Jesus. Now it’s no longer about “religion” but a relationship with Him. Come and learn with us how to know and love even more, the counter-cultural Jesus of the Bible.