Christ Coastal’s Cross

Each Easter Sunday, it is our custom here at Christ Coastal to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord with a sunrise service on the beach. The service begins with a large bonfire in the dark and just as the sun comes up, we begin singing. Following the singing, there is a preaching on the reason… Read More ›

pastor’s journal 05-10-15

Hi, Church! Happy Mom’s Day to all the moms! I trust all our people are well–and no damage was sustained in this first of-the-season tropical storm. I felt awfully wimpy calling off church–all our five leaders were supportive of the call. And it’s till going to be gusting and raining til this afternoon. As I… Read More ›

pastor’s journal

We’ve just been informed that our meeting site/facility is under contract to be sold. We are scrambling now to find a place. Would you pray that our “scramble” takes on a more manly response, as in ¬†an orderly, prayerful search? We are so grateful to see how the Lord has given many of our people… Read More ›